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In 1922, a group of alfalfa enthusiasts who believed that alfalfa’s rich green foliage and deep root system contained “Vitamines” and minerals essential for good health innovated the way the plant was consumed by providing alfalfa in tea bags. The abbreviation of alfalfa and vitamins quickly led to the brand name “Alvita,” and thus the Alvita Tea Company was born.

Our new organic products provide the most appropriate dose, precise preparation and use instructions with Organic, Gluten Free and Kosher certifications. Only the highest quality alfalfa was used in those first tea bags and today Alvita continues with that same standard of excellence.

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See details Alvita Organic Green Tea Herbal Supplement - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1250414

Mounting research suggests that green tea (Camellia sinensis), which has been consumed for thousands of years in China, possesses numerous beneficial properties, though it is often consumed to promote energy and general we...

Our Price : US$ 6.83

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See details Alvita Tea - Organic - Alfalfa Herbal - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1544378

* Cultivated for its nutritional value for thousands of years, alfalfa (Medicago sativa), also known as “The King of Herbs” and “The Father of All Foods,” contains several naturally occurring nutrients that have led to...

Our Price : US$ 7.67

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See details Alvita Tea - Organic - Bilberry Herbal - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1599133

* The bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is thought of as the American blueberry’s European cousin, with a similar flavor, though slightly more tart. Renowned by European herbalists for more than a century, bilberry has gaine...

Our Price : US$ 11.90

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See details Alvita Tea - Organic - Cranberry Herbal - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1582923

* Native to North America, the hardy and tangy-tasting cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) was a dietary mainstay for Native Americans and early American settlers long before it became a Thanksgiving table staple. A popular ...

Our Price : US$ 12.46

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See details Alvita Tea - Organic - Hibiscus Herbal - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1543693

* The deep red tea produced by hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa L. ) comes from the vibrant red flower buds, or calyces, that are harvested just prior to blossoming. While long used as a fragrance in perfumes and sachets, as ...

List Price :US$ 6.09
Our Price : US$ 5.14 , save 16%

Expected availability: 22-Jun-2018
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See details Alvita Tea - Organic - Holy Basil Herbal - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1517820

* Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum L.) also known as Tulsi in Hindi, is one of India’s most sacred herbs, and is treated with reverence in daily ceremonial use. The herb is also a popular culinary ingredient as well as one of t...

Our Price : US$ 8.47

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See details Alvita Tea - Organic - Lemon Balm Herbal - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1582949

* Melissa, the genus name for lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.), translates to “bee” in Greek, and refers to the plant’s reputation for attracting bees. However, this fragrant and flavorful plant is also a favorite am...

Our Price : US$ 8.54

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See details Alvita Tea - Organic - Lemongrass Herbal - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1517804

* Native to India and tropical Asia, lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus ) has a wonderfully sweet, lemony aroma and zesty flavor that has made this herb a staple in Asian cuisine. Herbalists have also traditionally used tea b...

Our Price : US$ 5.47

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See details Alvita Tea - Organic - Rooibos Herbal - 24 Tea Bags
SKU: HGW-1543685

* For more than 300 years, South Africans have brewed the fermented leaves of the rooibos shrub (Aspalathus linearis ) into an herbal tea that is also commonly known as red bush tea. Its naturally sweet flavor and antioxid...

Our Price : US$ 9.28

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