Dr.Hc Age Reversal Oxygen Mask (50~60G, 1.8~2.1Oz) (Exfoliating, Anti-Aging, Skin Brightening, Anti-Blemish, Anti-Inflammatory...)

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Our AGE REVERSAL OXYGEN MASK & SCRUB can be used as a face mask, a face exfoliator and a lip scrub. This berry-and-bioflavonoids-filled formulation will hyper-oxygenate your skin cells for age reversal benefits. Blueberries and cranberries load the skin with super antioxidant power and Vitamin C for free-radical scavenging. Citrus, pomegranate, rhubarb, and dandelion bring their youthening, skin toning and anti-aging bioflavonoids to your skin. A gentle exfoliation utilizing hibiscus and olive powder helps to remove the dead skin cells and clarify the pores to receive the oxygen enhancing, vitamins and minerals found in the berries and herbs. This decadent and restorative treatment is a must have for every face !


POINT 1: A professional product which could be applied either as a mask or a scrub, for both face and lip!

POINT 2: An antioxidants-and-bioflavonoids-enriched formula which will oxygenate your skin! Age reversal benefits, brightened & healthy skin are what you can expect.

POINT 3: Water-based formula which is non-comedogenic. Good for all skin types to use as facial mask.

POINT 4: Oil-free hydrating power (of course, never clog your pores)

POINT 5: Yummy and attractive berry scent which comes from 100% natural ingredients.

POINT 6: 100% natural exfoliants.

POINT 7: This product is



  • ✓All skin types (oily, dry, normal, combination)
  • ✓Can be used for Sensitive skin as a facial mask or lip scrub (not as a facial scrub)
  • Can be used for skin with breakouts as a facial mask or lip scrub (not as a facial scrub)


  • ✓ Anti-aging
  • ✓ Antioxidant
  • ✓ Anti-wrinkle
  • ✓ Skin Toning
  • ✓ Skin Brightening
  • ✓ Anti-blemish
  • ✓ Anti-inflammatory
  • ✓ Exfoliating

This product also helps

  • ✓ Oil-balancing
  • ✓ Pore shrinking
  • ✓ Softening
  • ✓ Hydrating
  • ✓ Non-comedogenic

★BLUEBERRY & CRANBERRY: For centuries, the berries have been valued for their antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits. The antioxidants present in the berries fight free radicals that may cause wrinkles and damage to our skin over time. They are also packed with vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, and help in boosting collagen production that is known to improve the skin elasticity.

★BIOFLAVONOIDS coming from Citrus, Pomegranate, Rhubarb and Dandelion create youthful skin tone. They minimize uneven skin tone, age spots, wrinkles, and spider veins. Bioflavonoids possess antioxidant properties that help fight cell-damaging free radicals. They may protect the skin by absorbing UVB, strengthening the outer cell layers. They also bring anti-Inflammatory benefits to your skin.

★HIBISCUS & OLIVE POWDER: Hibiscus flower power and Olive seed powder are utilized as natural exfoliants in our formula. They help to gently remove dead skin cells and clarify the pores to give a brightened healthy skin. Thanks to their amazing works, the skin is able to receive oxygen to enhance vitamins and minerals found in the berries and herbs.



-Use as a facial mask and scrub: Apply generously to face creating a thick coating. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. The product does have natural fibers and exfoliating powder so it great to leave on (as a face mask), then use circular motions to slough off dead skin and exfoliate (as a face scrub). Rinse off with normal or warm water. Follow with one of our toners, serums and moisturizers for full treatment.

-Use as a lip scrub: Apply directly to lip and gently massage to slough off dead skin. Rinse off with normal or warm water.

WHEN TO USE: Anytime in a day. Once ~ twice per week.

ORDER TO APPLY: Face cleanser AGE REVERSAL OXYGEN MASK & SCRUB → (rinse off)→ Toner → Serum/Emulsion → Moisturizer

HOW TO STORE: Good to keep at room temperature. Avoid direct sun light.

ATTENTION! For sensitive skin and skin with breakouts, the product should be applied only as a facial mask or as lip scrub. Avoid scrubbing the product on sensitive and breakout skin.

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